Organitzacions internacionals en l’àmbit de les persones refugiades:



    United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

    More info.

  • United Nations

    United Nations

    United Nations information on refugees and migrants.

    More info.

  • #UN4RefugeesMigrants


    Information on Twitter about actions of the United Nations in terms of refuge and migration.

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Acords mundials en termes de persones refugiades i migrants:

Beques d’estudis adreçades a persones refugiades:

  • DAFI


    DAFI (Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative). United Nations scholarships for refugee students.

    More info.



    Compilation of scholarships for refugees who are in host countries near the countries in conflict (UNCHR).

    More info.

  • IERN


    Compilation of information about scholarships (European Resettlement Network).

    More info.

  • We make scholars

    We make scholars

    UNHCR Grant Portal.

    More info.

  • Refugee study

    Refugee study

    University Scholarships. Information portal about scholarships in universities of the United Kingdom.

    More info.



    Educational and humanitarian project funded by the European Union (EU) to help Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians from host communities acquire access to higher education and vocational training through a set of scholarship programs.

    More info.

Beques d’altres institucions:

  • DAAD


    German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

    More info.

  • WUSC


    Student Refugee Programme. World University Service of Canada (WUSC).

    More info.

  • Windle Trust International

    Windle Trust International

    More info.

  • Scholars at Risk

    Scholars at Risk

    More info.

  • JISR


    Japanese Initiative for the future of Syrian Refugees (JISR): Scholarships for young Syrian refugees to study master’s degrees at Japanese universities.

    More info.

  • OLSP


    Open Learning Scholars Program: Arizona State University (ASU) and Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education (AGFE) offer scholarships to high-achieving disadvantaged Arab youth to obtain master’s degrees online.

    More info.

Informació sobre iniciatives d’universitats (beques, accés a l’educació superior, integració socioeconòmica…) adreçades a estudiants refugiats:

  • Refugees Welcome Map

    Refugees Welcome Map

    (European University Association)

    More info.

  • Good Practice Catalogue

    Good Practice Catalogue

    (inHERE project)

    More info.

  • Connecting Learning 4 refugees

    Connecting Learning 4 refugees

    (Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium)

    More info.

Informació interessant per a estudiants que volen accedir a beques:

  • To keep in mind (UNHCR)

    To keep in mind (UNHCR)

    Considerations to be taken into account for refugee students who want to access scholarships in third countries.

    More info.

  • FAQs (UNHCR)

    FAQs (UNHCR)

    Frequently asked questions about access to scholarships in third countries.

    More info.

Formació online adreçada a persones refugiades que volen iniciar o continuar els seus estudis universitaris:

Informació interessant per a universitats que volen dissenyar o estan implementant beques per a persones refugiades:

  • Designing a scholarship (UNHCR)

    Designing a scholarship (UNHCR)

    Considerations regarding the design of scholarships.

    More info.

  • Protection considerations (UNHCR)

    Protection considerations (UNHCR)

    Considerations on issues related to the protection of refugees.

    More info.

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