Research for Global Citizenship

The UB Solidarity Foundation and the Institute for Professional Development ICE UB develop projects to support high schools in the development of research papers aimed to educate in human rights and citizenship on a global scale.

These projects highlight the ethical implications of research as well as the fundamental role of scientific knowledge for human rights and sustainable development on a global scale.

Activities included for:

  • recercapau-bSTUDENTS
    • Research workshops aimed at understanding the rigorous methods and criteria that make scientific knowledge possible and at assessing the contribution of research to human rights and global sustainability.
    • Advice, complementary to the research tutorial class, which offers a personalized guidance for those students interested in focusing their research topic from a perspective of human rights and global sustainable development.
  • FACULTY: Training meetings with changing duration and formats aimed to provide practical resources for the tutorial classes and evaluation of baccalaureate work with a stress on education in human rights and global citizenship.

They are carried out in:

Other initiatives in support of the centres have previously been carried out for the implementation of projects and activities of education in human rights and global citizenship.