Information for volunteers

To volunteer through Voluntariat UB (UB Volunteering), fill out the form that you will find at the end of each call.

And remember: people who take part in volunteering programs have legally recognized some rights and duties (Law 25/2015 of 30 July, regarding volunteerism and promoting association).

As a volunteer…

Do you know your rights?

Get the information about the functioning, aims and activities of the entity in which you participate.
Receive the training, guidance, support and means necessary for the development of volunteering activity.
To be treated with respect, without any type of discrimination
Formalize your connection with the entity. A formal commitment should be sought with the entity with which you collaborate.
– To have the corresponding accreditation as a volunteer, and to obtain a certificate for your participation, in order to recognize the experience you have acquired.
To participate actively and transversally in the projects in which you collaborate.
– To have coverage of insurance in case of damage.
– To be able to recover the expenses incurred by the volunteering activity, as long as you have an agreement with the entity.
To agree the conditions of the participation, besides the changes in it: the tasks, the time and the schedule of dedication…


– The volunteering activity must be compatible with your studies, private work and social life. Therefore, you cannot be required to exceed a normal day of dedication.
– Volunteering activity is based on a free and personal decision, it can never be imposed on you.
– Above all, respect for people’s dignity, equality and freedom should be promoted.

Do you know your duties?

Cooperation committment to achieve the entitity objectives. This involves participating in the activities and training agreed with the entity in a responsible and diligent manner, respecting the values and rules of operation.
To respect the rights and dignity of those benefited from the volunteering action.
– To maintain the confidentiality of all the information you may have access to. This means, at the same time, that your data is also protected.
– To respect the safety measures established by the entity.
To reject any remuneration that may be offered to you by beneficiaries or third parties by virtue of your actions.
– If you want to stop the collaboration, you must notify the entity in good time so that they have time to look for someone else, or continue the activity until new measures can be taken to avoid any harm.

If you want more information, please refer to this website.

From UB Volunteering we do not offer credit recognition to people who carry out volunteering activities. However, these people can ask us for a certificate of completion of the volunteer activities they have accomplished by sending an email to