Voluntariat UB (UB Volunteering) is an initiative of the University of Barcelona that encourages voluntary work by the university community in third sector organisations with the aim of promoting a university that is more solidary and committed to society.

The UB Solidarity Foundation has been managing Voluntariat UB (UB Volunteering) since the 2018-2019 academic year, and has launched its own projects in collaboration with committed teaching and research initiatives of the faculties: right to Law (dret al Dret), from the Faculty of Law, and Social Policy and University Access (PSAU), from the Faculty of Education.

If you want to learn about other realities, gain experience, exchange knowledge, find solutions to problems and inequalities, contribute to social transformation…

take a look at the calls for volunteers and get involved!

You can check the previous UB Volunteering activities on the former website of the program.

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