Take part in a highly relevant social research to build coexistence, inclusion and peace in digital environments

If you have an active presence in digital media, the European project INCLUDE ME+ is looking for you to contribute to democratic participation, social inclusion and peace building.

Are you a university student, a member of a civil society organization or a member of a digital media? The INCLUDE ME+ project, funded by the European Union, invites you to participate in a highly relevant social research that aims to identify effective strategies to promote, strengthen and improve the processes of democratic participation, social inclusion and peace building through mediation in digital media.

Through this Participatory Action Research (PAR), INCLUDE ME+ will develop an educational program to empower digital media themselves, higher education institutions, civil society organizations and university students to become in responsible and active collaborators in improving the practices, contents and values ​​of the digital media.

Participants will be selected for their specific knowledge of social networks, social inclusion, peacebuilding, background in social cohesion and active participation in digital media (as content creators, for example).

For three months, these people will contribute to the research in two ways: on the one hand, they will contribute knowledge and experience through focus groups, interviews, workshops… and, on the other hand, they will implement the strategies and actions derived from the research in their digital communications and will report back on the results obtained.

Characteristics of participation in research:

  • It is voluntary and can be discontinued at any time.
  • It implies the willingness to contribute knowledge and experience and to implement the strategies agreed upon during the research.
  • It involves a commitment of time (between 2 and 4 hours every two weeks).
  • It is not paid. The INCLUDE ME+ project will recognize it with a diploma.
  • It is not sponsored by any private company and the data of the participating individuals will not be offered to any organization or entity outside the INCLUDE ME+ consortium.
  • It is anonymous, so no personal data will be made public. Only aggregated data will be provided (for example, number of female participants, number of people under 45, etc.).

To find out more or participate in the research, write to Cati Jerez, coordinator of the INCLUDE ME+ project at the Solidarity Foundation of the University of Barcelona.

The INCLUDE ME+ consortium, coordinated by Åbo Akademi University (Finland), consists of the European Universities Continuing Education Network (eucen), the European E-Learning Institute of Denmark (EUEI), Momentum Educate + Innovate (Ireland), Outside Media & Knowledge UG (Germany), T.C. Tuzla Kaymakamligi (Turkey), the International European University of Ukraine and the UB Solidarity Foundation.

This news is related to the following SDG of 2030 Agenda: