Earth Sciences students present in Palestine the use of fog as a water resource

The students transfer their knowledge to students and teachers of two Palestinian universities in the framework of a project of the Catalan Association for Peace and the UB Solidarity Foundation.

On December 21, 2022, Cristhian Huanaco, Jhesibel Chávez and Pablo Tamayo, students of the Master’s in Science and Integrated Management of Water at the Faculty of Earth Sciences of the University of Barcelona (UB), taught the online seminar “Fog water harvesting” to 30 students and teachers from both the Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, in Tulkarm, and the Al-Quds University, in Abu Dis.

The students discussed the use of fog as an unconventional resource to deal with water scarcity and presented the results of their master’s research paper on the use of fog water harvesting in Peru.

On one hand, this seminar is part of the online course “Integrated Water Resources Management”, coordinated by Antonina Torrens, professor at the UB Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences and responsible for the Program of natural solutions for a sustainable development of the UB Solidarity Foundation. It is also one of the internationalization activities of the joint master’s in Innovations in Water Education Programs (WaSec).

On the other hand, the seminar is sponsored by the project “Empowerment, advocacy, innovation and fight against climate change of Palestinian women’s cooperatives”, a joint initiative of the Catalan Association for Peace and the UB Solidarity Foundation, which has the support of the Catalan Development Cooperation Agency (ACCD).

With the participation of the University of Barcelona, the project contemplates the inclusion of training itineraries on water management and agricultural production, as well as the improvement of an experimental farm, linked to the Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, which is dedicated to agriculture, water and sustainability.

Likewise, the project seeks to improve the capacities of Palestinian women farmers’ cooperatives integrated in the Palestinian Farmers’ Union (PFU) in the field of agricultural production, water management, cooperative organization and other issues related to the primary sector.

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