Organization chart



Dr. Joan Elias i Garcia – Dean of the UB


Dr. Belen Noguera de la Muela – Secretary General of the UB

Original members

Dr. Àlex Aguilar Vila – Vice-rector of Projection and Internationalization
Dr. Francisco Esteban Bara – Vice-rector of Comunication
Mr. Joan Corominas Guerin – Chairman of the Social Council
Mr. Oriol Escardíbul Ferrà – Manager of the UB
Dr. Irene Maestro Yarza – Representative of the Món-3 Foundation

Designated Chiefs
Dr. Mercè Puig Rodríguez-Escalona – Vice-Rector for Students and Language Policy (Appointed by the Dean)
Dr. Maria Teresa Vilalta Ferrer – Vice-rector for Equality and Social Action (Appointed by the Governing Council)
Dr. Núria Casamitjana Badia – Pharmacology and Therapeutic Chemistry Department (Appointed by the Dean)
Dr. Carme Panchón Iglesias – Methods of Research and Diagnosis in Education Department (Appointed by the Governing Council)
Dr. David Bondia Garcia – Public International Law and International Relations Department (Appointed by the Món-3 Foundation)
Mrs. Marta Segarra Beitia – Administrative and Services Staff (Appointed by the Dean)
Mrs. Núria Aymerich Rocavert – (Appointed by the Social Council)
Mr. Lluís Boada i Guirao – (Appointed by the UB students)



Xavier López i Arnabat


Àngels Cerdà i Castelló
Adriana Peonia Iwasita Rodríguez

European Observatory on Memories (EUROM)

Jordi Guixé i Corominas – Director
Oriol López Badell – Coordinator
Ricard Conesa Sánchez
David González Vázquez
Fernanda Zanuzzi

Program for Education for Peace, Human Rights and Global Citizenship (PAULA program)

Nuria González Floriano – Responsible
Alba Conesa Simó
Marc Díaz i Planas

Support program for refugees and people coming from conflict areas

Cati Jerez Paredero – Coordinator
Sara Carmona Benito

Cooperation, social inclusion and public policies of solidarity

Laia Sanmartín Pons
Maite Sirera González
Antonina Torrens Armengol

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